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CrossFit vs. Lifting: Which is Best for Me?

Published on:April 23, 2015

Two very popular styles of exercise is crossfit and weight training. Each style has different goals, workouts and lifestyles. Here, we will break down the differences so you can decide which one is best suited for you!


Photo Credit: Crossfit Oxygen

Crossfit is designed to achieve overall fitness, targeting the entire body. It combines cardio, weight lifting, core training and more to prepare the body for the unexpected. CrossFitters will usually never do the same routine within a week and the average workout varies between 45 minutes to an hour. It is community based and usually offered in classes.

During a typical workout, a CrossFitter will do individual workouts at a certain amount of rep and weight, as many rounds as possible. This will also be done as fast as possible within an allotted timeframe.

Here is an example of a CrossFit workout from

7 Rounds For Time
Kettlebell Swings - 15 reps
Power Cleans - 15 reps
Box Jumps - 15 reps

This workout above would be done seven times in a row, as fast (and safely) as possible. CrossFit can be dangerous though. It is important to to understand that you should never try CrossFit workouts without an experienced trainer guiding you. Without professional help, you are creating potential risks that can lead to short and long term injuries.


Photo Credit: Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health

Weight training is designed to build strength while increasing muscle mass. Muscle helps burn more calories, increasing the amount of fat a person can burn. Usually, one to three muscle groups are isolated during each workout. Many weight lifters train alone, with a partner, or with a personal trainer.

During a typical workout, a weight lifter will perform multiple exercises isolating a specific muscle group. Each exercise is performed at a particular weight, with a set number of repetitions and sets. Each exercise can fluctuate in weight, repetitions and sets, depending on the lifter’s goal. Common weight lifters will separate each workout day with different muscle groups.

Here is an example of a weekly Weight Training workout from Muscle and Strength:

Day 1: Chest & Triceps
Day 2: Back & Biceps
Day 3: Cardio
Day 4: Shoulders & Traps
Day 5: Quads, Hamstrings & Calves

Each day a new muscle group is focused on. As cardio is not included in a weight training day, it is important to have a separate day to focus just on cardio. It is vital to understand the difference between muscle exhaustion and muscle injury during weight lifting. Weight training can be dangerous if you do not pay close attention to the difference between both.

CrossFit and Lifting both can build lean muscle, burn fat and improve overall wellness. Regardless of the style you choose, exercising is a key successor to happiness and a healthy lifestyle!

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