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Beginners Running Guide: Top 4 Essentials

Published on:January 09, 2015


Are you considering running as a new hobby or way to get into shape? If you have looked around online or in a store for running gear, you’ll notice there are hundreds of products and brands to choose from. Don’t let running products intimidate you! We have compiled a list of the top 4 essentials you need to start running and to make your life easier while doing it.


The first step to running in the right direction is to buy the correct shoes! If there is anything that you need to prioritize when running, it’s shoes. Running shoes are important for comfort, stability and to avoid injury. Having the proper shoe can make the difference between running smoothly versus having a horrible run. Check out our guide, How to Buy Running Shoes Online, to help you find the best shoe fit for your style. Once you find the best fit for you, hop over to our running shoes section here and find the perfect shoe!


Clothing is another key to comfort when it comes to running. Whether you are running inside, outside, in the rain, snow or shine -- clothing matters. It is important to purchase clothing with ‘wicking’ technology and to stay away from cotton. Wicking technology moves sweat away from the skin and to the outer surface of the clothing. From here, the sweat evaporates, keeping you dry and comfortable. This is not only helpful in the summer but is especially important in the winter. Tops, bottoms and socks can be found with this technology easily online or in a local sports store. Women should focus on finding a high-impact sports bra to prevent stretching ligaments around the breasts.

Moisture-Wicking Technology


Running can get pretty boring and unmotivating, especially if you are just starting out. Make sure you have music to keep you motivated and entertained while running. Most smartphones now allow you to listen to music, so if you have a smartphone, you have music! Grab a pair of headphones, plug in and create a playlist that will help you run to your true potential. Spotify and Pandora are great phone apps to get and can give you great running playlist suggestions.


Staying hydrated is a key factor for before, during and after you run. Some choose to bring water during a run, while others leave the water at home. Regardless of your style, you want to make sure you are drinking plenty of water before and after your run. Dehydration can occur when the body experiences fluid loss -- like sweating! The rule of thumb is to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. If you start drinking water early and often, it will be easy to achieve this daily goal. Start off with 16 ounces of water before each run and 16 ounces after each run.

With the proper shoes and clothing, comfort and injury can be off your mind. Staying hydrated will help you run longer and improve your overall health. Music will give you the motivation and entertainment you need to keep running. With these 4 essentials, you’ll successfully start running on the right foot! Check out our Must Have Running Accessories for 2014 to get you started today!

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