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Basics of Running: 5 Tips on How to Run Successfully & Avoid Injury

Published on:January 16, 2015

Running Injury Diagram
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Injury happens all too often when running. Knowing the in’s and out’s of running is unnecessary but knowing the basics will help you accomplish successful runs without injury. Here are 5 tips, or what we like to call the 5 S’s, of running.


You can’t avoid injury unless you know your style of running. Your foots arch and the way your foot strikes the ground are the two main factors of deciding your running style. A higher arch can cause more impact to the outside of the foot, while a low arch can cause more impact to the inside of the foot. To help you with finding your running style, take a look at How to Buy Running Shoes Online . This breaks down arch type, pronation (how your foot strikes the ground), and ways to tell what style you have.


Finding your running style leads us into running shoes! Once you know your running style, finding the perfect shoe will help with comfort, stability and injury. If you have a running shoe that is not fit for your foot and pronation style, then injury is more susceptible to happen. Check out our Best Running Shoes of 2014 to find a good running shoe that fits you.


Stretching on a regular basis is extremely important for your body. It helps prepare muscles for exertion before you run, improves posture and increases blood supply. Although you may not notice a difference after stretching short term, it does make an impact in the long run. Read more about stretching here: 7 Key Stretching Techniques You Need After Your Run.


Building strength doesn’t happen when you run. Focus on strength training a few times a week to improve muscle strength and avoid injury. Strong muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones can improve your running pace and distance while keeping you safe from injury.


Getting enough sleep is a very important factor when it comes to running. Performance and recovery for your body both rely on getting the proper amount of sleep each night. Sleep promotes muscles recovery, electrolyte balance, and helps convert fat to fuel. Without sleep, your body slowly loses performance and will lead to injury. Generally, the average 8 hours of sleep a night is recommended for everyone - runner or not.

As you begin or continue to run, keep these 5 S’s in mind to ensure you are doing everything in preventing injury and getting the most out of your run.

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