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4 Common Workout Myths: Solved

Published on:May 11, 2015

Fitness Myths Debunked
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Workout myths are a leading cause of people avoiding the gym. From body image concerns to what is and is not safe - concerns rise in every corner. We have found the Top 4 Common Workout Myths and solved them so you can hit the gym with ease!

1. Free Weights are Dangerous - Exercise-machines are Safe

Myth: Exercise-machines isolate target muscles, preventing injury. These machines allow a trainee to perform an exercise through a preset path of motion, eliminating almost any room for error.

Truth: We learned from Men’s Fitness that this myth was started by advertisements from exercise-machine manufacturers. In reality, “The restrictive movements of machine exercising might actually increase the risk of injury,” says Men’s Fitness. Jim Smith, a strength coach in Sayre, PA., says “Machines are fixed and rigid and therefore limit the natural movements of the lifter. When you use free weights, your body naturally makes adjustments throughout the exercise’s range of motion according to your strength level, speed of movement and proficiency at executing your repts. Machines don’t allow this.”

2. Weight Belts are Necessary while Heavy Lifting

Myth: When lifting heavy, you must wear a belt to prevent injury.

Truth: We learned from Men’s Fitness that a belt is not the key to preventing injury while lifting heavy. Joe Stankowski, a trainer in Wilmington, DE, says “It’s entirely possible to lift massive weights safely using your body’s own support system.” A belt is a great way for an additional mental boost but when using one to much, your body can get accustomed to having a belt as an aid. If this happens, you’ll find that you can’t lift heavy weights without it. Skipping the belt will force your abs to work harder to protect your spine and will result in a more muscular core!

3. Lifting Weights = Bulking Body

Myth: Lifting weights will cause you to bulk up.

Truth: Daily Burn tells us that the biggest concern for women when considering a weightlifting program, is bulking! Rachel Cosgrove, author of ‘The Female Body Breakthrough’, says “you have to really work for every ounce of muscle that you gain, and it’s not as easy as most women think to sprout big muscles.” Without consuming an extreme increase of calories, your muscles will slowly grow at a healthy pace. Weightlifting can also boost your metabolism!

4. Higher Reps mean Definition

Myth: Increasing repetitions is the successful way to achieve greater definition.

Truth: Muscle and Fitness explains that doing higher repetitions with a lighter weight can be a waste of time. “The lean and cut look that most strive for is a result of having muscle that isn’t buried beneath fat. If you want greater muscle definition then you need to lower your body fat levels. Cutting calories and adding a consistent cardio regimen to your regular weight-training regimen should do the trick.”

There you have it! Four myths busted so you can hit the gym, stress free!

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