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7 Clever Hacks for Every Runner

Published on:June 15, 2015

Clever Running Hacks

Need some extra advice to make your life easier while running? Check out these clever hacks to improve your run!

1| Tie your keys into your shoelaces when running outdoors.

When running outdoors, worrying about keys can be a pain. Take the key you need and loop it into your shoe lace. Tuck the key under the rest of your shoe laces to prevent it from flapping around.

2| To mock running outdoors, set the incline on your treadmill to 1 degree.

With a 1% incline, you are offsetting the lack of wind resistance and the belt moving underneath you. This allows you to replicate outdoor running much closer.

3| Pay attention to your hands while running.

Keep your hands as relaxed as possible and keep them at waist level. This will prevent exhaustion and tightness in arms, shoulders and neck.

4| Wear pantyhose under your socks to prevent blisters.

With adding an additional layer underneath your sock, friction can build up between the sock and pantyhose rather than the sock and foot.

5| Run in a variety of running shoes.

Rock Creek Runner says: "Rotating through several different pairs of shoes not only lengthens the life of each pair, but helps avoid repetitive strain injuries."

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6| Shower in your running clothes.

If you run on a daily basis, you can go through a lot of clothes weekly. Help cut down by hopping in the shower in your running clothes for the first minute or two. Hang the clothes up to dry and they will be rinsed out for the next days run!

7| Hydrate all day, every day.

Rather than trying to hydrate enough prior to your run, make it a habit to hydrate constantly. This cuts down on preparing liquids prior to your run, worrying about getting dehydrated while running and will improve your overall health.

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