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4 Tips to Save Money on Running Shoes

Published on:November 21, 2014

Save Money

Running is a great way to stay active, in shape, and manage stress. If you run a great amount, you know that running is not cheap. Between shoes, clothing and accessories, running can become an expensive sport. Lets look at a few ways to save money on running shoes, so you can enjoy running without the worry.

1| Take care of your shoes.

Taking care of your shoes will extend not only their life but their mileage. Running shoes usually need to be replaced after 300 miles. If you take care of your shoes properly, you can extend them past the 300 mile marker.

    i| To prevent wearing out the cushioning of the shoe, only wear your shoes for running. Find a different pair of shoes to do other activities in, like walking and hiking.
    ii| If your shoes get wet, make sure you dry them correctly. Running shoes need to stay away from direct heat, which can wear out certain materials in the shoe. Take out the insoles and loosen the shoe to allow them to air dry. If you want to dry them faster, crumble up paper in the shoe to help absorb the water.
    iii| This leads to cleaning your shoes: do not put them through the washing machine. Clean your shoes with a sponge and some soapy water. Let them air dry and always avoid the dryer.
    iv| The most important habit to practice is where you are storing your shoes. Gym bags, hot cars, lockers, etc. are not a good choice for your shoes. Proper ventilation is important to help your shoes air out and decompress after every run.

2| Know what shoe works for you

Having the proper knowledge of your shoe type will help you save money in the long run. Buying incorrect running shoes can cause foot trauma, forcing you to buy new shoes. With more strain on your feet, you will have to buy new shoes to fit your health needs. You can find out more information on how to find the correct shoe for you, here: How To Buy Running Shoes Online.

3| Look out for sales, deals and free shipping

Whether you prefer to buy online or in the store, it is always good to check up on sales. A lot of websites offer free shipping, like eFootwear, with any orders over 100$. Follow your favorite retailers on social networking and sign up for their email clubs so you can watch for sales. Holidays are always a great time to buy as most retailers launch exclusive sales.

4| Go for the older model

Don’t let the newest and greatest shoe fool you into paying for a more expensive shoe. Although it is exciting to get the newest shoe on the market, there are thousands of shoes out there that have all the same features. Make sure your research what type of shoe you are looking for and find the older models. Many shoe retailers offer older models for less, allowing you to find a great shoe that will perform the same as the newer models.

Now go get started on great deals and save money!

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